This guitar modification has been designed for the performing musician hence it is a robust mod and looks incredible on stage; the modification has been tried and tested on my Fender Telecaster guitar as shown above, which is regularly played during live gigs.

Available to purchase on eBay now – Professionally customised Harley Benton TE-20 BK Standard Electric Guitar incorporating a LED infinity mirror as shown above.

  • The black guitar body is precision milled using a CNC machine to create a semi-hollow body. The depth of milling is minimised to retain good body strength whilst the guitar is under tension by the strings. 
  • A RGB LED strip fitted around the inside perimeter of the semi-hollow body, held in place by 3D printed black PETG grips. This design allows for easy replacement of the RGB LED strip if required.
  • Mirror acrylic fitted inside the hollow body and clear acrylic fitted on top, both precision milled using a CNC machine.
  • Original Harley Benton bridge pickup only, volume pot, tone pot and jack are fitted.
  • Inside the back of the body is the housing for the x4 AA batteries (not included, rechargeable recommended!) and the electronic control circuit board. These are enclosed by a 3D printed black PETG cover. Access for inserting/removing of batteries can be achieved via the sliding ‘maton design’ red logo cover.
  • The RGB LED light strip is controlled using the keypad (CR2032 battery included) which is held in place by a 3D printed black PETG surround fitted to the back of the guitar body.

The above modification allows for normal use/playing of the guitar with no extra connections (e.g. USB or external power supplies). 

Each individual RGB LED around the strip consists of 1 red LED, 1 green LED and 1 blue LED. When all red, all green and all blue LEDs are chosen to light up (making white light) a decent brand of 2500mAh rechargeable x4 AA batteries will keep the RGB LED strip lit for around 3.5 hours. However, choosing to light only red LEDs for example will not be so much drain on the batteries and hence they will last longer.
The internal electronic control circuit board has minimal guitar pick-up interference; the RGB LED strip can easily be programmed on-the-fly via the keypad i.e. static RGB colours/ fading between colours does not cause any interference when the guitar is played through a guitar amplifier (however, ‘clicking’ can be heard when the RGB LED strip is programmed to strobe/flash on-off due to the fast switching transients so I suggest not to use this setting).
There is also a microphone setting via the keypad (MODE button) which activates ambient sound to light.
The guitar could also be used as decorative wall art in a shop, restaurant etc…e.g. with a little soldering and basic electrical knowledge, one could further mod the guitar to run off a d.c. 5v power supply instead of batteries. Approximate guitar weight is 3.6Kg. 
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An old second hand precision style electric bass guitar has also been modified as a one off, just as proof of concept;-)


Photo courtesy of Mike Dornberger – Hall Pass 80s, New York.

Mike Dornberger performing with Hall Pass 80s at the Iron Smoke Whiskey Distillery, New York 17-06-2023. “Everyone went nuts about the guitar!……Reactions were many and mostly consisted of comments like “oh my god!!….When I turned around with that thing on, ALL the phones went up!”

More testimonials coming soon!