First successful plywood work machined on my hand built MPCNC Primo CNC machine!



Above is my spring loaded pen holder for MPCNC Primo with Makita clamp. 3D files can be found here:-

Below are some images of my build progress..

Details of how to build this awesome machine can be found here:-
This is a messy hobby and makes lots of sawdust.  Its also a potential fire hazard, so fire precautions need to be in place e.g. extinguisher, blanket. Hence I have also fitted a WebCAM to remotely view the machine in operation.
With regards to dust collection, I have experimented with fitting a dust shoe and connecting to a hoover. This sort of works but not very well: not all the dust gets collected and the shoe gets clogged easily. More hassle than its worth to be honest.

So I went down the route of building an enclosure out of wood and clear polycarbonate sheets. The polycarbonate sheets were covered with carpet tiles using adhesive tape. This works well to contain the dust along with reducing noise levels and hoovering can be done after the job.

More pics to come…..:-)